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we support heart-centered entrepreneurs to reclaim time to focus on the things that light them up

we are a full service
virtual support agency

Our team is a group of professionals turned heart-centered entrepreneurs. We have
years of experience supporting executives and teams and know how to optimize
systems and get things done!

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We know that one size doesn’t fit all – especially for entrepreneurs. Book a free consult call and we will get to know more about your vision and create a plan for how we can support you.

GROW Business Review

We look at where you are now and where your big vision wants you to grow to, then recommend a growth plan.

GROW Plan With Us Session
Are you ready to map out a successful year ahead? Join us for a special online group planning session. Click below for all the details.

virtual assistant

You know what you need and are happy managing the projects yourself, but you need help with the doing. My team and I are here to support you!

strategic partner | full service support

You have the vision and you need someone to help you take that vision and create a plan – a strategy for success.

podcast & digital launch support

That , membership or podcast idea you have is ready to get out to those who need it!

hi there!

I’m Kristina and I am so excited that you are here.

Are you ready to spend your time and energy on the things in your business that light you up and are uniquely you?

I am a heart-centered entrepreneur building a small business, and I know first hand how it feels to get lost in the weeds of the day-to-day operations of your business. You loose focus on growing your business and doing those things that light up your soul – you miss being in your zone of genius.

My team and I are here to help you get out of those weeds and back into your zone of genius!

We would love to chat more about where you are at now, your vision for your next level and how we can help you get there.

Are you ready to focus on growing your business?

When you have a team and a plan where you know the steps to get there you can focus your energy where you need to – cultivate relationships, developing ideas and spending your valuable time working on your business – not in it.

some client love

Our clients are heart-centered entrepreneurs like you – and like us.


    Founder of Exalted Publishing House

    ‘Kristina came into my life at exactly the right time. I was feeling stretched way too thin and knew to be able to scale the business, I’d need top tier support. She has helped me implement systems and automation for my publishing and coaching company. She has given me back time and has been influential in the growth of the company.’


      Mindset & Manifestation Coach

      ‘Kristina is the life saver I asked for in my business. She takes care of so much from setting up course platforms, creating funnels, sales pages, Instagram posts, creating the website, podcast editing. It has been incredible having her and her team to support me grow. Knowing that everything is taken care of allows me to show up, serve at my highest and be my most creative. I honestly can’t recommend Kristina enough.’


        Founder and CEO of Soul Excellence Publishing

        ‘Kristina played an essential role in helping me to scale my publishing company to six-figures within six months! She has an eye for operations and strategy, and she led our efforts to streamline, organize, and automate processes which freed me up to focus on current sales and the future vision. Her calm presence and demeanor also helped me to feel at ease during the ups and downs of scaling a business for the first time! Kristina is organized, patient, and forward-thinking, making her an invaluable partner for anyone looking to scale and grow their company!’

        Interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant?

        Stay tuned as we get ready to launch our program to help you transition from your current corporate or traditional business career into the virtual support world. Be one of the first in line to hear about our new program!