In the Middle of Quarantine

photo by kmbrummer

It’s been three and half weeks and I certainly feel like I’m in the middle of Quarantine. At first to be honest the working from home, with no commute, felt like a nice break. As the primary errand runner in my immediate family my tasks outside the home mostly disappeared. I was home, I was doing my part for the greater good, and with no disrespect to the seriousness of this situation, I was given the gift of slowing down. Doing my part to keep others safe and healthy was doing the same for me.

Reality sets in

As the days started to string together and the day of the week became mostly unimportant the walls of our home seemed to grow smaller. At first there was lots of family time, extra laughter and game play. Then at the end of week three there was tension, frustration and short fuses. Each of us (there are three in my house) trying to find our way to a new routine. A new normal, whatever that was going to be. Reality was setting in. This isn’t a vacation. We need to be home, and its not easy to be in each other’s space 24/7.

Acceptance and Choosing Joy

While what we are doing is SO simple compared to those out there helping others through care and support and essential services, our part is still not without its challenges. Our challenge is mental health; finding a balance in our new normal to still make space for ourselves, to show kindness, to eat healthy and mover our bodies, to accept the situation we are in, to pray for and connect with our loved ones out in the trenches, to choose joy in this scary situation.

Everyone’s part is important

My family has front-line workers and I worry about them being safe from this virus. I connect with them regularly and honour them by doing my part. Each of them reminds me that my part is not small; staying home protects them.

A new normal

We all want to see an end to this virus so that we can feel ‘normal’ again, so we can move about with freedom, so some can properly grieve those who were taken, so front-line workers can go to work without fear, so those who lost their jobs can return to work and so we as humans can re-align to the new normal that will be.

Be kind and patient with yourself and each other

Here in the middle of my fourth week in quarantine, I am going to practice being kind with myself and my family. I’m going to practice patience and hope that it will be given to me as well.

Stay healthy, stay home.

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