Welcome to the Spectacular Middle.

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My earliest memory was at the age of five. We moved into a new house and my sisters and I got a brand new room, with bunk beds! It was the 70’s and our room was olive green with white and green curtains handmade by our mom. I can so clearly see those curtains, the wood frame bunk beds on the right hand side of the room and the one single bed on the left. This room would be where I shared many sleeps, whispers, giggles, fights, secrets and dreams with my two sisters. It was the first time I can remember being conscious of my role in the family. I was the middle child, the younger sister to one and the big sister to the other.

If you had a moment to read the ‘About Me‘ page you’ll know that my being a middle child created the lens I see the world through, and shaped my memories, like the one above.

So why are we both here? This is not to ask some great, lofty question but more to bring us to the purpose of this website. For me, its a way to offer up my experience about being in the middle. The middle of three sisters, the middle of my own little family of three, and now of middle age. I have looked for a place to find someone else’s words about this middle space and didn’t find it, so I’m creating that space for myself. I hope you will find it speaks to you, maybe makes you laugh, maybe you’ll see yourself in something I talk about, or maybe it will just be a fleeting moment where you admire the layout of the page and move on. Regardless, thank you for stopping by. If you want to stick around I would love for us to explore the spectacular middle together.

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