#Last 90 Days Challenge – 5 to Thrive

I’ve taken up the Last 90 Days Challenge – 5 to Thrive. I’m making a commitment to myself to live the last few months of this decade, with intention.

This challenge comes from one of the regular podcasts I listen to, RISE with Rachel Hollis. Ms Hollis, as she’s known on social media, is a podcast host, a personal development speaker, a successful entrepreneur, and a mom to four kids. And if that isn’t enough she’s also a New York Times best selling author of books such as Girl Wash Your Face and Girl Stop Apologizing.

For the past few months Rachel Hollis has been the voice inside my head asking me to take charge of my own life, to rise up to my potential. She provides tactical advice in an honest, straight up manner to get you to move your butt. She shares her own struggles and how she overcame them by taking her dreams and making them real through goals and unwavering commitment. Her Last 90 Days Challenge challenge was born out of a desire be more intentional about how she finished off her year. Listen to her RISE podcast episode 116 for more of her story about how this challenge came about.

Here is the break down of the Last 90 Days Challenge – 5 to Thrive. Ultimately this is an intentional focus on a daily practice of five things.

  1. Get up early to have an hour of time to focus on your goals
    (5:30am for me and I use the time to work out, meditate and do my journal)
  2. Move my body 30 minutes
    (I’m riding a stationary bike or going for a walk)
  3. Drink half my body weight in ounces of water
  4. Gratitude journal
  5. Give up one group of food that I know is not good for me
    (giving up junk food/fast food)

This is a season of change and my goal is to live up to my potential, to be more, and to make conscious movement towards achieving my goals. I want to prove that I can show up for myself and do hard things.

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